We're Open Source Mad Scientists and we’re sharing our code with the world.

The Rackspace open cloud is built on the open-source OpenStack framework - we're strong believers in the power of open source and community. We don't believe in lock-in, but we do believe in Fanatical Support® for developers. This is why we have official, fanatically supported SDKs and other open-source tools maintained by Rackers.

Rackspace believes in developers by enabling and empowering them - this is why we have Rackerlabs and other projects.

We encourage passionate engineers within the company to contribute code openly. The code in this organization is not officially supported by Rackspace, except through the project leaders themselves. We also encourage and welcome new contributors to all projects!

Unless otherwise noted, all code is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For more information, contact the Rackspace Developer Relations Group.

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