about canon

Overview of the project, our mission, and how to get involved.


Rackspace® Canon is designed to lower the barrier of entry for new UIs at Rackspace®.

Inspired by Twitter Bootstrap, Rackspace® Canon is a framework of HTML and CSS made by and for designers and developers at Rackspace.

The framework provides Layouts and UI Components which are combined to form our library of UX Patterns. These patterns have been designed and tested by Rackspace® Product Design and are currently in use by these Rackspace® web applications:

  • The Rackspace® Cloud control panel
  • The Rackspace® dedicated hosting control panel
  • The admin UI for managing transactional email services
  • The control panel for MongoDB instance management

Want to participate in the evolution of Rackspace® Canon?

Check out our GitHub repositories to see where you want to get involved:

Rackers working on Canon
  • Andrew Raiford
    User Experience Designer
  • Brad Gignac
    Software Developer
  • Eddy Hernandez
    Software Developer

Where to send feedback

Good topics for feedback

  1. Implementing Canon
  2. Migrating from other style frameworks
  3. Markup, class architecture, and CSS
  4. Bugs or browser display issues in supported browsers
  5. Jankiness - problems interacting with UI Components or UX Patterns