Creating a PDF file from RPC docs#


This process is also documented at It’s included here with other tools to make sure it can be easily found. The is in is a helper script for creating PDF output from the RPC documentation. It uses a two stage process:

  1. Build documentation into a single HTML page.
  2. Convert the HTML page to a PDF by using wkhtmltopdf.


The PDFs are current to the last updated date on the first page. You can find the most current version in HTML format at You must be on the Rackspace network to access this link.

If the content is out of date, rebuild the PDF.

Initial setup# requires the wkhtmltopdf package.

Install wkhtmltopdf from the wkhtmltopdf downloads page.

Linux systems may also have wkhtmltopdf available through their package manager.


Run the following command from your local docs-rpc directory:

bash pdf/

RPC.pdf and Handbook.pdf files are created in the docs-rpc/pdf directory.