Reno release notes#

Reno organizes notes into logical groups based on whether they describe new features, bug fixes, known issues, or other topics of interest to the user. Contributors categorize individual notes as they are added, and reno combines them before publishing.

The RPC developer team writes release notes concurrently with development patches. Notes are styled using reStructuredText directives, and reno’s Sphinx integration makes it easy to incorporate release notes into automated documentation builds.

For more details, see the official reno documentation.


At the command line:

$ pip install reno

To use the Sphinx extension built into reno, install the [sphinx] extra dependencies:

$ pip install 'reno[sphinx]'


The reno command line tool is used to create a new release note file in the correct format and with a unique name. The new subcommand combines a random suffix with a “slug” value to create the file with a unique name that is easy to identify again later.

$ reno new SLUG

Created new notes file in releasenotes/notes/slug-goes-here-95915aaedd3c48d8.yaml

The --edit option opens the new note in a text editor:

$ reno new slug-goes-here --edit

... Opens the editor set in the EDITOR environment variable, editing the new file ...

Created new notes file in releasenotes/notes/slug-goes-here-95915aaedd3c48d8.yaml

By default, the new note is created under ./releasenotes/notes. The --rel-notes-dir command-line flag changes the parent directory (the notes subdirectory is always appended). It’s also possible to set a custom template to create notes.

For more configuration options, see configuring reno.

Generating a report#

To run a reno report to generate a report containing the release notes, execute the following:

$ reno report <path-to-git-repository>


The --branch argument can be used to generate a report for a specific branch (the default is the branch that is checked out). To limit the report to a subset of the available versions on the branch, use the --version option (it can be repeated).